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Q. What type of router do I need?

A. We offer a managed wireless router service. Let us do all the work in getting your wireless network set up by including the router in our equipment. No figuring out what model to buy or how to set it up. We’ll do all the work. The service is just $4.95 a month. If you purchase your own router, we suggest a “wireless N” router. The technical term is 802.11n. This is the newest and fastest release. It is backwards compatible with most wireless devices, such as laptops, that have been produced in the past 10 years. Routers that are integrated with a cable modem or DSL modem will not work for our service.

Q. How fast will the internet service be?

A. The minimum residential service is 5 megabits per second. That would allow you to, for example, download a Netflix movie in a fifth of the time of a DSL connection. The maximum residential service speed is 1 GIGABIT per second — that’s 1,000 mbps! Tiers and prices can be found here. What’s best about Co-Mo Connect compared to other services? A lot of things! One of them? Our speeds are symmetrical — the upload speed matches the download speed! Gigabit is a maximum capacity. Speed is likely to be slower because transport overhead and other locations on the Internet are not yet gigabit-capable. Very few wireless routers support gigabit connection speeds. Gigabit speeds are “best-effort” and not guaranteed. Speeds in the 700 to 900 mbps range are most common on Gigabit tier.

Q. I own a business. Do I have to sign up for Business Edition Internet?

A. No. Business owners who need or want the faster speeds can choose to upgrade from residential service to business service, but it is not mandatory.

Q. Will there be email accounts with Co-Mo Connect?

A. With the large number of free email services available that provide such great service (Gmail and Hotmail, for example), our intention at this time is not to provide email accounts.

Q. Do you have any cap on your service?

A. Currently, we do not have any sort of data cap on our internet service.

Q. Do you have any blocks on specific websites?

A. We do not have any sort of block on our service. Any blocks that you would run into would be managed by your firewall or router.

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Co-Mo Connect is a service of Co-Mo Comm, a subsidiary of your trusted electricity provider, Co-Mo Electric.

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